Michael Turzai

Mike Turzai is a stand-up guy. Ever since he was elected to the Pennsylvania State House in 2001, Mike has been standing up for what his major donors believe in.

A long-time advocate for gerrymandering, Mike has boldly stood up against letting voters choose their representatives. He knows better than the people of Pennsylvania what we need.

Mike’s so determined to prevent lowly citizens from having a say that he’s attempted to pass laws to prevent types of voter fraud that studies repeatedly prove don’t happen. If Mike has to disenfranchise thousands of Pennsylvanians to fix a nonexistent problem, then that’s what he’ll do - or at least, he would if the Supreme Court hadn’t cruelly struck down his efforts on the grounds that they were unconstitutional. In fact, just this week, Turzai tried to disenfranchise you for Halloween, but the U.S. Supreme Court said no.

Mike also stands up in places he’s not physically present, such as when he defied Pennsylvania House rules to have the state House record him as a “yes” vote on a bill he was too important to turn up for .

It was about little people stuff - education. What was he doing during the vote?

Possibly, standing up to Big Parent, as he did when he told a cohort of uppity parents of children with seizure disorders that he wasn’t going to help them by legalizing medical marijuana.

Medical experts, Mike’s Republican colleagues in the Senate, and 88% of Pennsylvanians believe medical marijuana should be legal, but Mike knows that sick children don’t need medication. They simply need to pull themselves up by their bootstraps!

Mike isn’t just hard on lazy epileptic kids. He’s also protecting the Catholic church against Big Abuse Survivor, by refusing to extend the statute of limitations for victims of sexual abuse to come forward.

This wise decision was taken at the urging of his campaign manager , a former lobbyist in the church’s efforts to evade so-called “justice” for their victims .

Still, pedophile priests aren’t the only abusers who have an ally in Mike! Even though a House investigation found that accusations of rape against Representative Nick Miccarelli were credible, Mike went to the mat to ensure that Miccarelli wouldn’t have to leave office before getting a life-long pension and healthcare on the Pennsylvania taxpayer’s dime.

Speaking of money, when it comes to the Pennsylvania budget, Mike has long stood up against corrupt practices like bipartisan compromise and effective governance . Ever a champion for little guys like lobbyists , Mike is unmoved by the trivial fact that Pennsylvania’s schools are woefully underfunded.

Big Schoolkid may try to bully these wealthy corporations into paying a fair share toward their “books” and their “pencils”, but as long as Mike Turzai is Speaker of the Pennsylvania House, they’ll just have to settle for leaky classrooms, out of date materials, and teachers who have to work second jobs to make ends meet. Nice try, Big Schoolkid!

Mike’s budgetary miracles don’t end with bravely starving our schools. His heroic obstructionism helped to bring about a stalemate in the Pennsylvania state budget that nobody else wanted, including his fellow Republicans. That resulted in Pennsylvania’s credit rating being downgraded, meaning PA taxpayers are now paying more for infrastructure and schools.

Way to stand up for the banks, Mike!

On the rare occasions that Mike Turzai isn’t busy standing up against Pennsylvanians’ interests, he’s running in pursuit of his own, whether it’s taking expensive flights on donors’ private planes, receiving well-earned bribes from the gas industry , or four tragically failed attempts to gain higher office.

If you keep Mike Turzai back in office, you can be sure that he will continue standing up... to Pennsylvania, to common sense, and to you.